I Love New York



Let’s be real here, I love New York. I am pretty much obsessed with everything and anything that has to do with the Big Apple. I could not imagine a better place to live in my twenties and feel so blessed to met and know so many incredible people in New York.

So of course when I saw this “New York” sweatshirt the other week, I bought it in less then five minutes after first seeing it. Anything cute that has “New York” on it and isn’t cheesy, I most likely own it. And you can get it here! 

When first seeing this sweatshirt I knew it would look amazing with white pants (as much of my wardrobe does since I’m obsessed with them) so I paired it with my favorite pair of white Lucky Brand Jeans (which are on sale here!) And then when I was envisioning this outfit, I realized it would look so cute with a white collard shirt underneath to give it a bit more of a sophisticated look. So I paired it with a staple of my wardrobe my classic Gap fitted boyfriend oxford shirt, which you can get here.

Ok, when it came to shoes I felt that you could change the style of  this outfit just based on the shoes you chose to pair with it! So, for a more relaxed and casual look, pair it with cute sneakers. This is a great option if your day is more of the on the go and you will be on your feet all day but still want to look cute. 



To go for a more chic and upscale look, I decided to switch out my sneakers for one of my favorite pairs of nude pumps! Pumps are a great shoe that really can take an outfit to fancier places. Even a sweatshirt! I would not wear these shoes while out and about running errands but this outfit is perfect for work with dinner and drinks after. I love how comfy but upscale these shoes can transform an outfit!

Then, I grabbed one of my favorite over the shoulder bags, (that looks so small but fits so much!) And even though mine is old I found basically the same one here! Finally, thanks to daylight savings i've been grabbing my sunglasses more and loving that its staying lighter out longer! And now its time for it to get warmer, but no matter what the season is, I love New York!

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