I Still Like You Camo!


Over the past couple of months people have been telling me that camo is "out" and no one is wearing it anymore (right after I bought new camo jeans that I really like!) But personally, I still like camo! I would not wear a whole outfit of camo but I think with certain color pairings matched with camo still works! 

It's another way to spice up your wardrobe and create fun pairings that you normally can't! I also like how camo is another way for me be creative in my wardrobe.



So one day last week, I broke out my new camo jacket. Here I used the camo as my statement piece of the outfit, but since I paired it with other calmer colors, it stands out just the right amount!  

I personally like lighter jackets to be tighter on me since I don't wear heavy sweaters/shirts under them. (This jacket is an XS). So I put on my grey JCrew tank, with some new ripped jeans (which are on sale now!) and my new favorite velvet black shoes perfect for spring. (if it ever comes)

I really loved this outfit because it was perfect for work and then meeting some friends after.


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