Pillow Fight!



It's official, I have been in a pillow fight. For a very long time, I have been searching for the perfect pillows for my bed that would match my decor and color scheme. My room is mostly white and gold but I have been trying to work in more black with hints of tan. I love to decorate so I was so excited for this challenge, but after a couple months of finding nothing that would work or that I was in love with I knew I was in a pillow fight.



But FINALLY I found these beautiful pillow from Anthropologie and it was love at first sight! While these pillows are not cheap, (I had a slight heart attack when they told me the price at the register) but they were perfect and are so worth it! And I had to share incase I could save someone else from having a pillow fight or just give some major pillow inspiration! Click on the photos below to purchase them from Anthro!

ps. don't actually pillow fight with these pillows, there super heavy and it would really hurt! hahaha