Dr. Smood


One of my favorite and I think one of the best things about New York is that there are thousands of amazing coffee shops and restaurants and you can never stop trying them and finding more. 

A couple weekends ago I was meeting my best friend Nicoletta in the Lower East Side and her subway was running late so naturally I looked for a cute coffee shop to pop into. (Recently I have become an espresso addict!) and I luckily came across Dr. Smood! I had never heard of Dr. Smood before but it was such a great surprise.

When I walked inside I was instantly obsessed with the vibe and decor. The shop has tons of wood, marble and gold details. Since its currently Antartica in New York, I ordered a cappuccino to warm up and then learned they don't serve regular milk! But the barista's were so kind and they helped me break out of my comfort zone and try cashew mylk! I won't lie, I was super nervous to try it. I was worried I wouldn't like the taste and I would be wasting $5. I'm also not the best about trying new things but am trying to break out more in 2018.

The best part was I LOVED it! It was a bit thicker and sweeter but I enjoyed it! And the cappuccino itself was made quickly, was a great consistency and was just a little too hot (but what drink is not when you first get it.) After that, I found a great spot at the bar and found a phone charger immediately. (Anyone else feels like its impossible to ever find a place to charge your phone in the city?!) 




While enjoying my coffee, I discovered the menu at Dr. Smood's and after my mouth watered for about five minutes too long I ordered the Vegan Sandwich (once again trying new things!) The sandwich has: "Hummus, avocado, spinach and our signature dressing." And it was as good as it sounds! And coming from me who loves meat and cheese on my sandwich thats means a lot. Even if your not a vegan, this a must try!

Other awesome products Dr. Smood has are juices, detox packages, salads, breakfast items and lots of other coffee drinks.

Having Nicoletta run late ended up being kinda lucky as it lead me to Dr. Smood! If your in Miami or NYC make sure you at least pop in and try something!