Perfectly Pint Sized



This past week I was looking for a way to beat the heat wave here in NYC soooo I grabbed my friend Kimmy and we headed over to "The Pint Shop" to see what all the talk was about. The Pint Shop is essentially the Museum of Ice Cream's permanent little sister. And by that I mean it's smaller then the museum but is here to stay! 

Located in the back of the Meatpacking district, close to the West Side highway, The Pint Shop is a "interactive grocery shopping destination" according to their website. Which means there are interactive installations, lots of items for purchase and you can now try and buy the MOIC's very own line of ice cream! The Pint Shop is a collaboration with Target who now sells the MOIC ice cream! 

When going to The Pint Shop one should know that entrance is free so there can be a long line. Going on off peak days and times is key for a minimal wait. I went on a Friday at 3:15 and waited about 25 minutes. (but also note I was baking in the sun for those 25 minutes). 

Once inside, the flow of the space is natural. You get to taste test the ice cream right away which was awesome! Unfortunately they only have certain kinds you can try on each day. (I wanted to try all of them) Our three options were, Cherrylicious, Churro Churro and Vanillionare. I tried Churro Churro and it was exactly what you would want out of cinnamon/churro ice cream. It melted me in mouth just right and left me craving more. 

After trying our ice cream, we moved onto the installations. There are 3, one for Cherrylicious, Sprinkle Pool and one for Nana Banana. I am not really sure what the Cherrylicious one used to be but now you can just sit inside a giant carton. The Sprinkle Pool is a fun little swing (I really wished it was an actually sprinkle pool like at the MOIC) and a Nana Banana is a fun immersive banana background. 



Next, you past the freezers where all the pints are and you debate buying one of each (or was that just me?). You also pass the “Tasting Room” This is the one part of The Pint Shop that is not free and you have to make a reservation to go. Tickets are $33 and they include a free pint of ice cream! In the Tasting Room you will be in a immersive ”sit-down“, sensory experience that offers an in-depth look into the flavors within MOIC’s debut pints, according to their website! I'm not sure what it all means but it makes me wanna try it!

Then in my opinion the real fun begins! It’s time for the aisles! Each flavor gets an aisle (except Churro Churro and Vanillalicous share one) and in the aisles you can buy a bunch of super cute swag that connects to the flavor or matches the color. The piñata stuffed animal was a personal fav especially when so many little kids (and that ADORABLE dog in the photo above) running around with them. They also have puzzles, swell bottles, hats and so much more. But it was super fun to grab a shopping basket and pretend you were buying the entire store for 1000 instagram stories/photos.

Last but not least they have an adorable little supermarket style checkout area for you to purchase your ice cream and swag! Overall, it was super cute and fun and the good news is, it doesn’t take you very long to do everything inside (besides the tasting room) so you really only need a little more then an hour inside!

Stay tuned as I am going to the Tasting Room soon!

ps. I shopped out my outfit below! My sandals are old but I found super cute and similar ones and linked them here! 


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