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A few weekends ago a group of my girlfriends and I traveled to Beneduce Vineyards for a little out of the city getaway and to celebrate one of the girls birthdays. Located about an hour from NYC, Beneduce Vineyards is located in Pittstown New Jersey but feels like your in wine country. The vineyard is family owned and operated with their focus on creating top of the line wines and bringing out the flavors in each.

How We Got There
We took an Uber and for 7 of us in a plus size, the total was $112 which came out to only $16 each! 

On the way home the cost was more since we were not able to get a plus size car (more on this below)

What We Did
Wine Tasting
The first thing we did when we arrived was go into the beautiful tasting room and try some of their wines! For $5 you can taste five wines and for $15 you can get a great cheese and charcuterie plate added in with your wines. We opted in for the food and it was a great choice. We got two trays and it was delicious and the perfect mix with our wines. The five wines we tried were two whites, a rose and finally two reds. 

The whites were:
Gewürztraminer and Dry Riesling

Row’s End

Cabernet Franc and Blue 2

My personal favorite was the Dry Riesling! I normally gravitate towards sweeter wines but this one was crisp and delicious. Also as a lover of Rosé, I was not in love with the Row's End. 



After we finished our wine tasting we each bought a bottle and headed outside!

Live Music
Every Saturday and Sunday the vineyard has what they call "Group Therapy" which is live outdoor music and they also have a food truck! They also allow you to bring your own food so keeping with the theme we brought more cheese, crackers and fruit. (It only makes sense since we were drinking wine)

After stuffing our faces with some more food, we then enjoyed playing some corn hole and spending time with each other. Finally, as the sun set we sat by the bonfire and finished our drinks and enjoyed the ambiance and company. 

Things to Know:
-Getting home without a car is very tricky. Since the vineyard is located in a rural area most Uber's and cabs stop around 8pm. So when we went to leave around 9 we had a very hard time getting an Uber and had to split up and take two regular Uber's home as there were no plus size vehicles in the area. 

-They charge $3 for the wine glass (not during the tasting). You can get the money back but if you leave after the bar closes you keep the glass.

-Bring lots of food, more people then less in our group left hungry since we were there for 5 hours. 

-It costs $10 for the live music and you can save yourself a seat for an additional $10. (we risked it as it was suppose to rain the day we went)

It overall was a great day!

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