Beating the Heat



I’ve been looking for a way to beat the heat this summer and stay cool but without sacrificing my style. So, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for items that are cute but also light and breezy. And the other day when I went to return some clothes at Zara (and literally told myself I could not buy anything) I walked into these (I actually did) and instantly fell in love. Naturally, I purchased them being the shopaholic I am, but luckily I don’t really own short like this and knew they would be perfect for those crazy heat wave days.

So to keep you all from sweating to death I am sharing my shorts here along with another favorite of mine. My navy blue scallop shirt! Mine is old and from a small boutique but I found two others who look SO similar and perfectly match with these shorts. They are lightweight and does not hold in heat anddddd scallops are one of my favorite details for the summer! Also, these shoes are incredibly comfy, I can spend the whole day in them, no problem. AND they are also super cheap. 

Don't let the heat, cramp (get it) your style this summer!

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