Baby's First Jumpsuit



I have always seen girls in New York wearing awesome jumpsuits and looking so cool and fun. And every time I see them I am always like "I wish I could wear that". So a few weeks ago when I was looking for an outfit to wear for my blog release party, I came across this jumpsuit and right away told myself you have to try it on. I was hesitant but I figured just try, you never know, you might like it. 

I won't lie, it was not perfect (nothing is) but it did enough of the right things to make me smile and push my limits so I knew I had to have it! The fit is good, it's comfy and hugs the right places. And I was able to dress it up perfectly for my party and post party it has been so great to throw on when i'm tired but still want to look cute. 

Excited to share my story and this great jumpsuit here with you guys and also my tassel earrings! They paired perfectly with this outfit and I feel so fun when wearing them! From this I learned don't be scared to try something new and push yourself to wear something you always wished you could! You never know you might like it!



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