What's in My Beauty Bag?



My daily beauty/makeup routine is something that is very important to me. But also is something I have not yet mastered. I struggle with having rosacea (red blotches on my face) and I struggle finding products that can help keep my skin less red, healthy and me feeling comfortable. It took me a long time with lots of trials to find what works right for me. And I have to admit I don't wear as much makeup as others probably due, but I thought it would be fun to share what I have found that works for me and see what products you all use (because I am always looking for new ones!)

The photo to the left is my favorite products that I use in my daily routine. I always start by putting on my EltaMD UV Clear moisturizer. I went to about four dermatologists before one could really help me figure out how to keep my skin hydrated and be as little red as possible. And finally, one recommended using EltaMD UV Clear moisturizer. And it honestly has changed my skin in the best way possible. I put it on every morning before any makeup and when I go to the beach I apply it pretty frequently as my facial sunscreen. Even if you do not have Rosacea, this moisturizer will change and protect your skin in great ways.

After my moisturizer, I use my Neutrogena Brightening Eye perfector to bring a little color and brightness under my eyes. I can have trouble sleeping and from all those restless nights I have some dark circles under my eyes (that I hate!) and the Brightening Eye perfector helps hide that.

Then I apply my liquid foundation, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and my shade is 30 Beige. Believe it or not my dermatologist told me that Chanel makes their products for people with Rosacea so it should not bother my skin. (And confirmed: it does not!) I apply it with my "Beauty Blender". After I add a light layer of Laura Mercier's "Translucent Loose Setting Powder" in Translucent 1-4 and I love that it blends everything together and gives your skin a nice natural glow.

Then I use my Urban Decay "Naked Two" Palette for some eye shadow. I love these palettes and have used them since high school. I also own almost all of them. But I would recommend buying the first or second one if you have never owned one before. I like a more natural eye shadow color with a little shine. So I apply some of the lighter ones together and then mix in a layer of the darker.

Next, I use some Clinique mascara, Glossier Boy Brow in brown to add some dimension to my brows, followed my Glossier's highlighter Haloscope in Quartz and finish it all off with some lip gloss!

*Even though it's not glamorous I wanted to also share my deodorant because I swear by it! It's the highest grade deodorant thats over the counter. BUT make sure you get the "Everyday Strength" stick because the liquid roll on gave two of my friends serious burns and left the underarms hurting for weeks. But the  "Everyday Strength" strength stick keeps you from sweating all day, does not leave marks and won't hurt you.

See where to shop my favorite products below! And any beauty products you guys love and think I need to try? Let me know!

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