Sweating with Kelsey Wells


What’s the best way to beat the Sunday Scaries? To make plans on Sundays! I usually don’t do much but grocery shop and rest up for the week ahead but this past Sunday my best friend Nicoletta invited me to a workout class at Spring Place with the amazing fitness trainer Kelsey Wells!

Kelsey broken into fitness and health after she had her child and decided she wanted to get back to being fully healthy. Fast forward to today and Kelsey has over a million followers on Instagram, three workout programs and her own app "Sweat".

When we arrived at Spring Place, we went up to the sixth floor to their amazing studio space that overlooked an incredible view of Tribeca. Grabbed ourselves a water and a towel and got excited for our workout.

I won’t lie it was kinda of intimidating being in this class because there were so many models and influencers there wearing tiny sports bras with super flat stomachs taking mirror selfies looking like they were about to walk down a runway. But that all melted away once Kelsey started the class because she gave a really beautiful talk about how all of us have felt insecure and not enough at times but we are enough and that fitness and wellness can help us with our self love and to achieve our goals. 


Then after we were so inspired we went into the workout! We didn’t know this until we got there but it was a thigh and glutes workout! Which was so funny because that’s the part of my body I NEVER workout and I had been saying recently, I have been wanting to start doing some exercises to strengthen my upper leg muscles! (I have super week knees so my upper legs are just as week.)

We started with three minutes of cardio to warm up, (running in place, jumping jacks etc.) And then we went into the sets. For the first set we did squats, lunges and wide stance glut bridges. We did those for 3 rounds with a quick break in between each. 

Then we went into the power sets, which was jumping squats, jumping lunges, mountain climbers and a glut bridge hold with leg lifts. For these there was no break in between and we did each round in decreasing time sets, 45 seconds to then 30 seconds of each move.

After we finished those time sets we had crushed our workout! We then celebrated with some fresh coconut water, got to chat with Kelsey and then decided it was time for brunch! (duh)

Kelsey was amazing and her workout kicked my butt! I actually am having a really hard time walking today, i'm so sore! The small workout we did is just a portion of that she has on her app. Check it out, she really will help you on your fitness journey! 

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