A Trip to the Glossier Penthouse



Confession: I have been loving on Glossier for a while now. Ever since I tried Boy Brow for the first time I was hooked. Even if people complain to me that it's too pricy (it's not) or they don't love it, I don't listen. I am a fan of Glossier.

Being in New York, makes being a Glossier addict a lot easier, as I have been able to stop by the Glossier penthouse anytime I need to try a new product or refill of one. And the last time I was there. I thought to myself that since so many people can't just pop by that I would give you guys a sneak peak into what the penthouse is like and some of my favorite products! This way if your buying online your not going into blind!

Ok, so the penthouse is located right outside Chinatown on 123 Lafayette and was recently housed in the same building as Glossier’s corporate office. You can’t miss the building when you are close as they have big flags outside that say Glossier! When you enter the building you will be greeted by a Showroom Editor who wear a pink jumpsuit (I’ve never wanted a prison jumpsuit but seeing them in millennial pink kinda changes things I won't lie). You will also notice a bunch of bags hanging on a rack in the buildings lobby. You can now order online and pickup in store. This is a newer feature as when I first started going to the penthouse they did not have this option. Great for the NYC girl on the go who needs her Boy Brow.



When you arrive at the penthouse, you open up to the entire showroom. There you can try each product and talk to Showroom Editors about any questions you have. They also have multiple pedestals with each product, in all colors since there can be so many girls wanting to try each product.

It’s hard not to buy everything when your there! The showroom is  decorated so cutely, and all the products are in great colors and good prices so sometimes you go in there thinking your going to get one product and come out with 4 (guilty as charge here). You also get samples and an awesome pack of Glossier stickers when you checkout!

Here are some of my personal Glossier favs:

Boy Brow (in brown)
-I love Boy Brown because it fills in my browns naturally and give them more shape and definition. It is also super easy to apply.

Haloscope Highlighter (in Quartz)
-Easy to use the stick to apply, gives a natural glow, makes me feel like i'm shining. 

Generation G Lipstick (in Crush)
-For me I love how Crush looks natural but you still know I am still wearing lipstick. Goes on even and smooth! I know others who love the Zip color as well. 

-I love to put this over my Generation G to give a little shine or to add a little shine to my everyday look!

Lidstar Eyeshadow (I have in Moon and Fawn)
-Glossier's newest product! I was so excited that they finally came out with an eyeshadow! Easy to apply and blend really well with each other, there will be a full review coming soon!

Shop my favorite products below!