But First, Brunch at While We We're Young


who: While We We're Young


Too Good For You
Tequila, Kale, Lime, Agave, Cucumber

One Night Stand
Tequila, Watermelon, Chili, Agave, Lime

While We Were Young
Vodka, Vanilla Bean, Butterfly Peaflower, Sparkling Wine

Avocado Toast
Smashed avocado, sour dough, poached farm fresh eggs, feta, pomegranate

Kobe Burger
Brioche, crispy onions, pickles, aged cheddar, chipotle aioli, house fries


Saturday morning at 12:00


183 W 10th Street New York, NY 10014




When I arrived at While We We're Young, my friend had just put our name down and told me it would be about a twenty minute wait for three of us, which was amazing! I had heard the wait here was forever so I was pleasantly surprised! Turns out that was the wait for sitting at a bar (you can still order food there) and that the wait for a table was over an hour and a half! So as much as those beautiful millennial pink chairs had been calling my name, my stomach was yelling louder. 

After we waited and after a long week of working I was excited to treat myself to a great cocktail! And I loved the "One Night Stand" (lol). As most people know I love margaritas and this drink sounded like a sweet and spicy version of one perfect for Spring! And it was! It was very clean and refreshing. We also got the "While We Were Young" and "Too Good For You." The "While We Were Young" was an amazing beautiful purple color and was very delicious. Finally, the "Too Good For You" tastes as good as it sounds! And is actually pretty healthy! I'm also not that into green juices and smoothies but I actually really enjoyed trying this drink!   

Since the restaurant is so small the wait for our food was relatively quick! And we were so hungry so it worked out perfectly! Our food came out with beautiful presentation (especially the avocado toast!) When it came to the burger it was a perfectly cooked medium, the bun was crispy, the cheddar melted in my mouth and the blue cheese spread could make anyone fall in love! The fries were thick and crispy. I loved them! The only downside was the bun made a huge mess since it was so crispy and would fall apart when you bite it. (but worth it) The avocado toast, was fresh and the eggs were soft-boiled nicely. But this meal will leave you hungry or hungry shortly later. The bread is not very thick and since the portion is small, my friends and I were left needing more. 

Go or GO Home?

Go! Even if you just pop in for a drink and instagram photo, you won't regret it. But get there early if you want to sit at a table and order an app if your craving avacado toast! I will 100% be back to try more cocktails and the chicken and waffles! 

photo credit: @lauraleebent (shout out to my amazing best friend for always taking photos of me)

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