Calligraphy & Canapés Workshop



I have always been interested in calligraphy, I think the letters always look so beautiful and make envelopes, invites...anything look so elegant and elevated. And I had been wanting to take a class for a SO long but I just never got around to it but, when I started working at Chloe and Isabel a few months ago they let me know that they wanted me to take a class and I was so excited!

The class, “Calligraphy and Canapés” took place at Maman in TriBeCa from 6-8pm, tickets are $85 and includes, a workbook, pen, 2 nibs, bottle of ink, paper, and food and drinks during the class. And the class is actually taught by a friend of a friend Sam Teich! Sam is an amazing calligrapher who has done everything from Dolce and Gabbana place cards to writing on customized  J.Crew denim pieces at Sundance. 

Maman, is an amazing café and restaurant with multiple NYC locations know for their incredible "nutty chocolate chip cookie", coffee's and pastries. It was the perfect location for the class. We had the place all to ourselves as the café closed at 6 and we got to enjoy coffee, small bites (the croque maman, changed my life) and a perfect sweet treat at the end of  the night, their famous cookies, brownie bites and a shot of milk! You could also get wine and beer for an added price. 



One great thing about this class was it was totally for beginners and I really loved that all types of people were there! (Not just designers and artists). Sam walked us through every single step and gave us a workbook she made, that laid out each step perfectly for us!

Sam started out the class by walking us through the materials, how to set up our nib and the right way to hold the pen. She also would start out each section of the workbook by demonstrating how we should write the letters or designs and then we would go back and try! She was so great about coming around to check in on all of us and would call us out if we were not sitting up straight or holding the pen the right away (it happens a lot!)

Overall, Sam was a great teacher, she would write anything we asked over and over so we could see how to do it, she took her time with us and I learned so much in a short period of time! Maman is amazing and the food and drink were as well. I would say if you want to learn calligraphy and live or work in NYC this is the class to take! 

ps. Sam has her own stationary line and paper goods line and the stuff is awesome! (image of it below!)