An "Out of this World" Trip to Supermoon Bakehouse


What happens when you combine amazing pastries, delicious coffee with Zenon girl of the 21st century vibes and decor? You get the galactically amazing Supermoon Bakehouse.

I had been wanting to try Supermoon Bakehouse for a while. I heard a ton of hype about it, about the insane pies they make for holidays and as a graphic designer I get so excited when I see a store that’s designed well (i’m a nerd I know). 

Located on the Lower East Side, when you walk into the Bakehouse, there is a long counter where they lay out one, of each  of the pastries. It's way more informative then a traditional menu and if your like me, you love that you can see what your about to order/eat! When they run out of an item (which happens often and fast) they put a pink piece of tape on the name of the item. 

Supermoon Bakehouse is like most places in New York, it has very little seating. My best friend and I had to do that awkward dance where you basically stand on top of people as they are leaving and then all cute and shy be like "oh my gosh are you leaving, can we have your table" It's humiliating, but it works and if we did not do it, someone else would have and we would be stuck standing in the corner still.  


Ok important things, what to try:

It all, especially the Almond Cranberry Twice-Baked Croissant (I fell in love with the cranberry jelly in the middle) and their new Cookies & Cream Cruffin. I also must go back and try the new Raspberry Cheesecake Croissant Toast ASAP. But to be honest you can't go wrong with anything there. In my opinion, the coffee was not great, but Supermoon Bakehouse is a bakehouse not a coffee shop, it's not suppose to be amazing but rather nice to have with your pastry.

Things to know before going:
-Go earlier in the day as they run out of many things quickly (when I went at 2pm I only had about 5 things left to choose from)
-You have to buy 6 pastries to get one of their metallic boxes
-If you get less then 6 you can still get them in their metallic bags which are cool too
-Make sure you check out the bakers making the pastries through the glass wall! No one was really looking but us, when we were there but it was cool to see them make everything!

As they say at the Bakehouse, "Stay Wild, Moon Child"