Black Fox Coffee Shop



About a month ago, Chloe and Isabel moved our offices down deep into the Financial District. And as much as I really love how quiet and peaceful it is down there, I really miss being able to explore and find cute coffee shops and restaurants! But I decided not to give up hope and the other week as I was searching the area hoping to find at least one coffee shop I could check out and then all of a sudden I came across Black Fox coffee shop! 

Located on 70 Pine Street, Black Fox is in a prime FIDI location right by Deutsche Bank to catch all the Wall streeters but is also a little hidden! If you don’t see the beautiful coffee sign outside, you could walk right by it, but make sure you don’t!



Inside the shop has a cool but modern industrial vibe with lots of marble and accents of copper, blue and wood. When it comes to drinks they have the works but there is a couple to make sure you try:

The cappuccino: being a cappuccino connoisseur, I really appreciate a cappuccino that doesn’t have a bite after each sip and George Howell Coffee (where Black Fox gets their espresso) is smooth and heated to the perfect temperature. This has become one of my favorite cappuccinos in the city!

The hot chocolate: while it's pricy, ($6) this hot coca is one of the best in it's class, it's made with homemade dark chocolate malt powder and half and half. It's a must try.

The almond croissant: It's so popular you can't get it everyday! It flies off the shelf! 

Anything with the vanilla date syrup! Also made in house, the date is added to give the syrup a little natural sweetness, YUM



Along with coffee and pastries, Black Fox has lots of food and they serve it until 3, so you can pop in and grab some lunch or have an awesome lunch meeting there! I recommend trying the Berkshire ham and cheddar sandwich and make sure you get it toasted!

Black Fox is a medium size coffee shop in NYC size measurements but has a good amount of seating! I do have to say though that every time I have been there most or all of the seats are filled as it is a great place to do work or have a meeting!

One last great thing to note, Black Fox has all kinds of milks including oat milk and almond! And they have helped to make my mornings a bit brighter and caffeinated! So happy to have them in the same neighborhood as my new office!

ps. don't forget to take a picture of the awesome floor sign on your way out!