Happy Bones Coffee Shop



As you all know by now I’m on a quest to try all the best (and prettiest) coffee shops in NYC and this week, I went Happy Bones coffee shop! I have had my eye on Happy Bones for a while and had heard they make a mean cappuccino so I was pretty excited to check it out and try it for myself. Located right outside of Little Italy, Happy Bones strives to inspire and energize New Yorkers. With the owners having roots from New Zealand they bring knowledge of espresso and the passion to supply it to all of us. 

The decor inside the shop is very urban clean. Lots of white and hints of black with local art hanging on the walls. The location is small and is hidden between two larger buildings, but still can fit a couple happy coffee drinkers comfortably.



What to get:

Cappuccino: I have actually gone to Happy Bones a few times now because I really enjoyed how good the cappuccino was! It’s very smooth, rich and kept leaving me wanting more (hence why I went back) 

Latte: There are many easy ways to mess up a latte believe it or not, but thats not an issue for Happy Bones. The amount of espresso to milk ratio was good and it was hot, but not so hot you had to wait twenty minutes to drink it (i've been there too many times at other coffee shops).

Hot Coca: For all you non coffee drinkers out there (I used to be one!) this hot coca is a must. It was perfectly chocolatey, made with steamed milk and melts in your mouth! A friend who is a hot coca connoisseur told me its one of her favorites she has had in the city so far (and thats a big deal). 

Happy Bones also serves a selection of awesome sweets to go with your drinks! Make sure to try Underwest Doughnuts. With amazing, unique and delicious flavors you won't be disappointed and your taste buds will thank you.

Finally, another great thing about Happy Bones is that their prices are not bad for NYC! I have seen way higher prices for a drink that does not taste even half as good. I also love supporting local and small business. It's a win win, you get an amazing coffee and you support an awesome place.