But First, Brunch at Two Hands



WHO: Two hands nyc


Pear & Mint Mojito
white rum, lime, pear, mint

Build Your Breakfast
two eggs any style on sourdough toast

Crispy Potatoes


Sunday morning at 12:30


251 Church St, TriBeCa, there is also a location in Nolita at 164 Mott Street


I have been interested in trying Two Hands for a while and had heard they had great egg options, so naturally when my friend Nicoletta and I went, we got the "Build Your Breakfast" and so we could really try the eggs! Unfortunately I regretted not getting mine poached like Nicoletta's because mine was a bit overcooked. I was hoping for runny eggs but they were cooked through. The bread was delicious but was very hard to cut through. I still enjoyed it though! We also started the meal with a Pear & Mint Mojito. The drink was excellent. It was refreshing and you could taste both the pear and the mint. Finally, we split the crispy potatoes and those were cooked and salted perfectly! They were my favorite of the meal and I will be getting a whole bowl for myself next time! 


Go, but as with all placed in new york, be prepared to wait for a long time as they don't take reservations. (for two of us we almost waited an hour) And who knows you might see me there as there are so many more items I want to try on the menu!