The Egg House Pop Up



One of the best things about NYC is that there are endless events happening each week so there is always something to see and do! So when my coworker told us about The Egg House I was excited to check out NYC's newest pop up! 

Based off Ellis the egg and his adventures in NYC. The Egg House reminds us how were not so different from our favorite food and each others.

For an $18 ticket you get access to the whole Egg House! When you arrive, you will be greated by the staff, who will hand you a gold Egg House coin you will use later on in the pop up! After you will see the adorable neon sign where everyone gets a photo.

Past the sign is the cracked egg and egg carton in "The Kitchen". This is the best place to get cute photos. (Note that the cracked egg is hard to get in and out of and can hurt your legs when you sit in it).

Next its time to use your coin to get your free Egg House gift! I got a set of connected egg pins, others got an Egg House pin.



Past The Kitchen you come to "The Pool"! The Pool is so fun to jump into, take pictures in with the yellow phone and hang out with your friends. The staff working at "The Pool" is great and will take a ton of photos for you!

Right off the pool is the “flipped” wall and past that you enter “Ellis’s Bedroom” and you can get a look into his life and are told his story by one of the staff members.

Then you go downstairs to the see the secret room with another view into “Ellis’s life”.  After that you hit “The Garden” filled with neon cactuses, balloons and an egg swing (the lighting is not good though so not many people take photos on the swing).

Overall the Egg House is a good time and fun to check out, especially if your like Debbie from the Amanda Show and “like eggs” (aka ME). It is definitely low budget but I’m sure as the pop up travels across the country the budget will increase along with the attractions

The Egg House is only in New York until  June 27th so make sure you buy your tickets before then!