The Coffee Shop of The Future



New York is a city filled with coffee shops, and with so many it can be hard to be unique. But not for Voyager Espresso. The coffee shop hidden inside the 110 Williams Street tunnel down to the Fulton Street Subway brings coffee, science and the future together. Inspired by Carl Sagan and his connections to the Voyager Missions, Voyager Espresso takes a new look at coffee as Sagan did with science. The coffee shop shifts its menu each season and uses domestic and international coffee to create the best drinks for their customers. 

When going to Voyager Espresso I won’t lie I had a hard time finding it. I kept putting it in my google maps and looking for other people with Voyager Espresso coffee cups to ask them where they came from. But after I realized it was underground and I made it there I was not disappointed. 

Inside the futuristic feeling comes through and the coffee bar is right in the middle leading you to order your drink. There is some seating surrounding the bar and a large booth off to the side for bigger groups. 

Also something great to know! They host private parities! And after 6pm on the weekends the MTA closes the tunnel off to the public so its super private!



Drinks to try:
PSA: Each drink at Voyager Espresso comes with a small glass of sparkling water so you can cleanse your palette before you have your drink.
House-Made Almond Macadamia Mylk Cappuccino
     -First I started out by trying a round of cappuccinos. I tried a classic and one with their house-made Almond Macadamia Mylk. Both were excellent, creamy and easy to drink. And the temperature was perfect so there was no burnt taste. But even though Almond milk is becoming a more popular option for coffee shops its still hard to find a really good Almond milk cappuccino. But look no further then Voyager Espresso as their Almond Macadamia Mylk is made in house as is as fresh as it sounds!

Hot Chocolate
     -I always like to try a non coffee drink when visiting a shop, if they have one on the menu as not everyone out there drinks coffee. (I only started last year.) So for those non coffee drinkers out there, your still included at Voyager Espresso! They have a whole menu of non coffee drinks. It include: Tea, Sparkling Lemonade, Hot Coca and more! But as for the Hot Chocolate its made from 70% Dark Chocolate sourced from Melbourne Australia. And I am hoping I just got an off cup but it was not the best. It was very watery when I expected it to be heavy and very chocolatey. But the milk was added in just like it is in a latte so it looked beautiful.

Iced Latte
     -And now for the main event! The Iced Latte! This was by far the coolest latte I have ever had and was so much fun "making it". When you order a latte at Voyager Espresso (make sure it's iced)  you will receive the milk in a Laboratory flask and the espresso shot in a small bottle. When you add the espresso to the milk it is so fun to see the color change and how they react when they are mixed together aka science. I had WAY too much mixing my latte and know you will too! So go!!