New Noosa Flavors!



Tonight after a long day of work I was excited to check out Noosa Yoghurt's Flavor Adventure!

Keeping with the 2-in-1 trend that is so big right now, Noosa launched 5 new 2-in-1 yogurts! And tonight they let a select group of us try them and also guided us along as we figured our food personality!

When I arrived at the event I filled out a small questionnaire that helped me figure out my food personality. Then l gave the questionnaire to a food phycologist who let me know I was an "Adventure Foodie" which means, I like to try new foods, but also have my boundaries that I keep. And finally, I do a lot of research before I go to a new restaurant/what I get to eat.

This got me 100% right! I do all of those! I love trying new foods, but won't break out too much and I am obsessed with researching places too (I love looking at IG locations to see how the food actually looks at places!)

Right after I found out what kinda of foodie I am, I went right for the yogurt! I LOVE yogurt, I eat it everyday so I was so excited to try each! My favorite was the Coconut/Pineapple! Perfect for Summer!

Besides the yogurt, there were 2-in-1 cocktails, that had a different half of the ingredients of the drink on one side and half on the other,  just like the yogurt! And lots of yummy little bites that helped us go on a food adventure!

I really recommend trying these new flavors! Noosa is like an amazing dessert to me so each bite is a treat! I love to mix both flavors in each together but having them separate is great too! 

The new flavors are:

-Strawberry Banana

GO TRY THEM (I mean it)

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