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One of the many things I love about New York is how many boutique hotels there are. They are all designed so incredibly and most of the times I forget I’m at hotel when I’m there! There’s no bad carpeting and strange colored walls (thank god). I also love all the unique restaurants and rooftops they have.

So, when I was invited to the NoMo Soho hotel to see all the new amenities they had just rolled out including, their new rosè terrace, touring the renovated penthouse and meeting their new executive chef and tasting some of his food I was really excited to see what NoMo Soho has to offer. And I have to tell you, I was not disappointed!

We first started off the evening on the new Pink Flamingo Terrace which has been transformed pink and is full of the perfect decor to Instagram and lots of rosè for the summer! We tried Master Mixologist/F&B Director Xavier Herit’s signature Frosè, which was delicious and great for a warm Summer evening. The only downside about this terrace is that it’s a bit on the smaller side (like 40 people max) but that just means you have to plan ahead.


After we grab another drink we made our way up to the penthouse, which honestly blew me away. It’s a one bedroom penthouse and has 360 views of the city! (The view from the bathtub could change your life hahaha) the kitchen and living area is huge and they let us know that the space is also used for meetings and corporate events along with rehearsal dinners

To me though the main event was the was the outdoor space the penthouse has, it was breathtaking and the photos just don’t do it and the view justice! The space is so large for a private terrace in my opinion and I could really see lots of weddings taking place up there! It would have to be for smaller weddings but how amazing to have the entire city be your backdrop?! I used to work at a wedding magazine so the ideas running through my mind were endless hahah

After I took hundreds of photos outside we went downstairs to meet Executive Chef  Jesse Olson and try enjoy some of his signature dishes at NoMo Kitchen! NoMo Kitchen to me felt like an enchanted forest getaway tucked into Soho. And there was a long beautifully decorated table for us where we tried:

Housemade Focaccia, Whipped Ricotta, Fennel Salt
Baby Beets, Labne, Pistachio, Citrus
Pork Belly, Rhubarb, Strawberry, Coriander, Citrus
Mandilli, Farro Pasta, Porcini, Fava Beans, Young Pecorino
Veal Loin, Summer Truffle, White Asparagus, Curds, Celerye 

The food was delicious and I ate so much Focaccia i'm shocked I did not turn into bread!

It was truly a magical evening and if you want a great dinner in NYC but do not want to feel like your in the city try, NoMo Kitchen! Then you could always pop up to the terrace and maybe drink so much you rent the penthouse! (just kidding)! But if you have an important event, wedding or large meeting, you can impress anyone with the penthouse and have some great photos to cherish!

A big thanks to NoMo Soho for having me!

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