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For one weekend every Summer, Governor's Island and NYC turn pink and white for "Pinknic"! For those who do not know, Pinknic is a rosé festival featuring live music, different food, sweets and of course tons of rosé! Originally started in 2016, each year Pinknic gets larger with more options and activities! I have been lucky to attend all three years and am always impressed! 

This year, there were many new additions including, gift bags for each person that were filled with your picnic blanket, wine glass (you were just given those the past two years) a soothing rosé face mist, mini shampoo and conditioner and a sunglass cloth. The bag was nice too it all came in, along with the Food Garden which had so many different food varieties to choose from! It was a great option for those who decided not to bring there own picnic in. (yes, you can bring in food but not drinks). And for those who needed some more food after they had a few drinks. Other additions were cocktails added to the VIP drink menu, shopping and more!

When it comes to tickets there are four levels:

-Bermuda Pool VIP
-Les Cabines & Pool Lounge

Tickets get insanely pricey so a helpful hint is to do the pre-sale! We buy our tickets each year in like January BUT I always get it for the cheapest price possible (and it's SO worth the money). Yes, there is a pool, and each year it always looks amazing to those who spend the money to use it!

This year the weather was the hottest it has ever been for this event and I won't lie it really made it somewhat hard to enjoy at times but I ordered lots of Frosé and ended up buying an umbrella and both really helped keep me cooler!  




In a couple of the photos above, you guys will see more tents and umbrellas, that my friends is the VIP lounge area. VIP also has access to there own bathrooms which were way nicer then the general ones. The higher the price of the ticket the more came with it, including priority access to the ferry (each ticket comes with round trip ferry tickets), separate (faster) lines to enter the festival, extra bars and food vendors, specialty cocktails, hammocks and lounge areas.

Ok now time for business, so this is how the drinks work. Unfortunately your ticket does NOT include any drinks (crazy I know), so for everyone they sell bottles of Whispering Angel in different sizes, the smallest being 750ml for $65 and the largest being 9L for $1,500. They also sold The Palm by Whispering Angel and Frosé in glass form. Then just for VIP they had bottles of Rosé Champagne, Rock Angel and Garrus rosé bottles and their new signature cocktails. These cocktails also featured not your typical rosé brands like José Cuervo and the new Three Olive's Rose Vodka!

When you buy a bottle, they give you a cute Pinknic bag with ice to keep the bottle cold. (You can take the bags home). While I love Whispering Angel, I spent most of the day drinking Frosé to stay cool and I had a Watermelon Margarita from the VIP cocktail list that I absolutely LOVED!

I spent the day listening to great music, eating good food and laughing and drinking rosé with great company! This truly has become one of my favorite days in the Summer! I look forward to it for so long and every time its over, I can't wait for the next year! Cheers to thee years of attending Pinknic and cheers to many more! You guys have to come next year!

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